my cats

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i have three kitties that i love to death!

here's a little introduction card for each of them

(disclaimer: some of the cats' names and nicknames may sound weird because they're israeli lol, or just because we're weirdos and give our cats stupid names... a combination of both probably tbh)


name: Ted

nicknames: Teddy, Tet, Teth, Teduchkin

age: 8

likes: sleeping, gentle pets on the chin

dislikes: being woken, being held, unsolicited pets

nature: lazy, jumpy, dignified, fat af lol

habits: sleeps, throws up for no reason, bites like a snake out of nowhere while seemingly relaxing, prances around like a king, licks your wet hair after a shower, makes insane flexible poses

spirit animals: sloth, leopard

Ted is the Squidward of the lot - if he was human, he'd be a middle-aged man who wants nothing more than to relax in his home all day, sleeping and reading the newspaper. but just like Squidward, this desire will never be fulfilled because of the two loud juveniles who keep interrupting his me-time...

Dee Dee

name: Dee Dee

nicknames: Tsitsit, Fifif, Fifits, Tsitsif, Tsitsitus

age: 1

likes: pets, attention, his brother Osher, my mum

dislikes: nothing tbh

nature: affectionate, stupid

habits: hugs and bites his brother, scratches at my parents' door to make them let him in, makes groaning sounds that we call 'creaking' if you pet him while he's asleep, interrupts Ted's sleep, sleeps on my mum

spirit animals: little monkey, human baby

if Ted is Squidward, Dee Dee is Patrick. he's very stupid and very much a sidekick to his brother Osher, but he means well and he's extremely affectionate and sweet :D he's actually named for a character from Limmy's Show, who encompasses his personality perfectly in my opinion haha

he's also Ted's mini-me, it's uncanny


name: Osher

nicknames: (takes deep breath) Erez, Eretz, Ereng, Eremp, Ometz, Orrez, Erev

age: 1

likes: pets, nuzzling his head, me (:D), belly rubs

dislikes: neatness

nature: energetic, affectionate, annoying and dumb (endearingly)

habits: sits on the ground like a rabbit (pictured below), licks his brother, follows me like a duckling, nuzzles his head HARD into my beard, licks your wet hair after a shower, makes a mess

spirit animals: rabbit, lemur

to complete the Spongebob analogy, Osher is the Spongebob of the lot. he's loud, energetic, draws attention, is definitely the "big brother" of the two, and can't go two seconds without breaking something or hurting himself. he also happens to be very pretty, and he can't get enough of me specifically <3

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